Robert ShandChief Development Officer

Rob’s experience in construction and project management fits well with our aspirations to create large scale horticulture operations. He is a pragmatic influencer in an industry where standards and compliance are critical success factors. In the UK he started a business to grow industrial hemp (from which CBD is produced) with a R&D license in play for the last 4 years. A full license is currently being approved by UK Home Office. A “full grow” license permits the production of medical products using CBD. Rob is creating a plan and a team to build out our CBD strategy.
Along with Dr Alex Bushell (Watson & Fine Agronomist), he has developed a specialist seed germination unit (SGU) that includes hydroponics & near zero soil growth. The SGU enables 98% seedling survival rates after planting out and combined with developing new seeds, creates multiple harvests per year using advanced polytunnel systems.
Rob has completed demanding refurbishment work on Buckingham Palace and at the museum of HMS Mary Rose where he re-created the missing half of this famous Tudor ship that sank just outside Portsmouth Harbour 15th July 1545.At Watson and Fine (Ghana) he leads the procurement, construction, and systems maintenance programs. He over sees all EPC work associated with renewable energy projects covering solar, battery storage, hydrogen production and grid connections
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