Responsible Supply Chain

At Watson and Fine, we are committed to creating a responsible supply chain that minimizes our environmental impact. To achieve this, we plan to implement the following strategies:

  1. Optimize routes and modes of transport: We will carefully plan the routes and modes of transport used to move our products and materials in order to minimize the distance traveled and the amount of fuel consumed. This will include techniques such as consolidation, which involves grouping together smaller shipments to reduce the number of trips required.
  2. Use renewable fuels: We will also use renewable fuels in our vehicles to reduce the environmental impact of transport. This will include biofuels made from crops like Camelina, Ethanol, corn or soybeans, as well as electricity produced from renewable energy sources like wind or solar power.
  3. Invest in energy-efficient vehicles: To further reduce transport costs and carbon emissions, we will invest in energy-efficient vehicles such as electric or hybrid models, as well as adopt technologies like fuel cells and advanced aerodynamics.
  4. Use renewable energy: To reduce the carbon footprint of our entire supply chain, we will adopt renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines at our warehouses and distribution centers, as well as producing our own renewable energy from the crops we grow.

By implementing these strategies, we are confident that we can create a more responsible and sustainable supply chain at Watson and Fine.

Watson and Fine is committed to a responsible supply chain that prioritizes sustainability and minimizes our environmental impact. We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint through the use of renewable fuels, energy-efficient vehicles, and renewable energy sources. We believe in ongoing improvement and transparency in our supply chain practices.

Our mission

  • To become the largest provider of renewable energy crops in the world
  • In the next ten years, we plan to employ ten thousand individuals
  • Secure arable land progressively to sustainably farm
  • Utilize smart-farming technologies for efficient and sustainable production
  • Women Empowerment
  • Build Schools and Hospitals

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