Culture and Values

At Watson and Fine, we are passionate about people and the environment. We believe that our employees are the heart of our business and we strive to create a positive and inclusive culture where they can thrive and grow.

We are also deeply committed to being a responsible and sustainable business. We are passionate about protecting the planet and reducing our carbon footprint. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the environmental challenges of our time and to leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

Our values include a commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency in all that we do. We believe that by working together and acting with purpose, we can make a real difference in the world.

At Watson and Fine, we are dedicated to creating value for our customers, our employees, and the planet. We are passionate about building a better future for all.

Why choose us

Fastest Growing Company

Positioned to become the largest provider of renewable energy crops in the world, empowering thousands with its integrated operations that stretch from farmer to consumer.

Ahead of the curve
  • We are already committed to doing what everyone is still talking about
  • Renewable Crops such as Camelina Sativa
  • Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Business transformation
Energy and Environment

We are investing heavily in renewable technologies such as

  • Hydrogen
  • Renewable Biofuels
  • SAF
  • Ethanol
  • Solar
  • Wind
Quality & Food Safety

We have had to start competing on quality of life in a way that they never had to before — leading to higher ratings from consultants.

Culture & Values
  • We are passionate about climate change
  • We are aiming to be Carbon negative
  • We care about our people
People are our lifeblood

We are determined to make the world a better place for our people and the Communities we work in. 

  • Education
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Train and support local communities on how to apply sustainable farming practices
how can we help you?

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